Dress Code

Everyone in a class must have the required shoes. Please check the color and style before purchasing. Dancers MUST wear leotard, tights or leggings to class, color is optional. Wearing a ballet skirt or boxer shorts over your leotard is acceptable attire. You can order shoes and attire through the studio on the scheduled registration dates. NO BLUE JEANS, PANTS OR SHORTS, ALLOWED! Hair must be off face.

Shoe Price List

Ballet-261 (full sole)Pink$23.00
Ballet-271 (split sole)Pink$29.00
3yr old-3rd gr. will wear black strap-tap (non-patent leather)
Strap-Tap-80B (6C-10L)Black$33.00
2nd-4th gr. will wear black jazz shoes
Jazz Shoes-503BBlack$37.00
5th gr. & up will be wearing tan jazz & tan tap shoes
Baby Doll-799TTan$70.00
(Includes tele-tone taps plus rubber)
Jazz Booties-505TTan$48.00
Hip Hop Tennis ShoesBlack$65.00
Signature Zoot Rhythm w/ Taps & Rubber$100.00

Any parent or student wishing to sell used shoes may do so during the scheduled registration time. You are in charge of selling your shoes and collecting the money. Do not leave shoes at the studio after the first week of class. The dance studio is not responsible for any lost or stolen shoes or money envelopes from the shoe sales.